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Granite United Way

Granite United Way's commitment to advancing the common good in communities throughout New Hampshire draws power from the social determinants of health model, with an understanding that factors related to community safety, economic stability and educational achievement are clear predictors of how long we live and how well we live. The Capital Area Public Health Network provides a strong infrastructure for addressing the most pressing public health needs in the region, including the current substance misuse epidemic we face right here in New Hampshire and the Capital Area.

Patrick Tufts
President & CEO

City of Concord

“As the head of a public safety agency, my time is best invested with those people and organizations that can work collaboratively in our community to prevent problems before they occur. The Public Health Advisory Council is an excellent forum for such discussions and for building strategies that focus a community’s resources on effective solutions to pressing needs.”

Dan Andrus
Fire Chief

New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management

“In today’s world, the next pandemic, flu, or wide spread disease is just around the corner. You cannot go a day without hearing about some issue of this type in the news. So, it is never a matter of if…but when! I’ve been involved with the Capital Area Public Health Network since its inception and have been continually impressed by the level of dedication and energy that is put forth to prepare, train and execute the highest level of service possible to the people we serve.”

J. Scott Nichols
Regional Catastrophic Planner

New Futures

"New Hampshire is experiencing an epidemic of substance abuse that has a devastating impact on the health of individuals and families, public safety, criminal justice and our state's economy. The Capital Area Public Health Network and its Public Health Advisory Council provide critical leadership in the effort to prevent alcohol and other drug problems in the region. I am honored to participate and lend the policy expertise of New Futures to the excellent work of the Council."

Linda Saunders Paquette
Executive Director

Riverbend Community Mental Health

“Riverbend Community Mental Health Center is responsible for providing a network of services to individuals and families who live with mental illness. We are committed to the fact that providing top quality effective treatment only happens when an organization like ours is embedded in the provider community. The sum of our work is so much greater than our individual efforts. Being a member of the Public Health Advisory Council gives behavioral health a voice in a vital arena which addresses public health prevention issues, the real solution to so many of our issues such as prevention campaigns for substance misuse in teens.”

Peter Evers

Town of Bow

“The Town of Bow has been an active member of the Capital Area Public Health Network (CAPHN) since its inception and has witnessed the benefits of membership during recent hurricanes and public health emergencies that have impacted our state. The CAPHN assisted in the expeditious operation of an H1N1 clinic in our community and in the operation of a regional shelter. The consolidation of the substance abuse prevention and public health preparedness programs under the umbrella of the public health network will only strengthen our partnerships to assist our communities in times of need. I urge your town to join forces with the CAPHN as a member of the Public Health Advisory Council, which will establish annual priorities for the region concerning public health needs and concerns.”

Lee Kimball
Emergency Management Director

New Hampshire Treatment Locator

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